Cryptocurrency market is completely unpredictable but there is nothing better than real industry behind the Blockchain. It is a “Decentralized future technology which can lead to world economy transformations”. Thriving projects in the industry will benefit stakeholders and investors.

Webcasino has developed an online gambling platform, which will enable players, game developers, backers as well as clients to grow their earnings and generate profits. The ecosystem is built on top of ‘Ethereum platform’ with ‘smart contracts’ and will assist players in getting real pictures of the games and winning.

The existing game providers in online casinos are arranged in such a way that the player always loses a lot of money than he wins, as this is the idea of the developer of this game in agreement with the owner of this casino. The goal of any casino is to stay in the black, and for this to be managed many gambling platforms are ready to go for the blatant deception of users and even to violate the law. But while the online-casino website’s owners count money, disappointed players leave it with neither winnings nor trust at all

The “Vision” of ‘Webcasino’ project is to introduce a new ‘Gaming System’ that is built to provide credible blockchain based tokens to facilitate the payments and winnings through blockchain. It utilizes methodologies; which encourage and Support infrastructure flexibility.

Webcasino aimed to offer a platform for players, backers, clients and game to collaborate on a global gaming platform through “WEBC” as an underlying utility token. This will provide credible Blockchain-based token to facilitate the payment system with internal asset exchange.

You can download the full version of White Paper by clicking the “download” button below.

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